The Secret is Out

A lot can happen in 15 months. If I knew the challenges, doubt, worry, discomfort I would face during my service, I am not sure I would not have chosen to be here. If I knew that I would have to face every insecurity and weakness that I have always wanted to hide from the... Continue Reading →


“What Exactly Do You Do?”

It has been 10 months since I have been in Botswana and people are still asking me “so what exactly do you do?”. First my apologies I haven’t done a really good job at explaining what it is that I do, as it can be difficult for some to understand. When I first arrived in... Continue Reading →

I Too Am American!

Being Black in Botswana is beautiful and frustrating. I am no longer the minority as Black people are all around me, the feeling is indescribable! I don’t have to fear being pulled over by the police and being discriminated against because of my color. I am expected to know Setswana better than my white counterparts,... Continue Reading →

The Beauty in Botswana

I know many of my posts have not been the most uplifting since I’ve been here in Botswana and that’s not because I haven’t had uplifting things to share its just I find it much easier to share some of my struggles and sharing them has been a way for me to release it all.... Continue Reading →

I am Not Exempt

This story you are about to read happened about a week ago. Please note that sexual assault is mentioned, please take care of yourself and stop reading if necessary. I woke up this morning and had a very productive day, I cleaned my home and read four chapters of the book that some Peace Corps... Continue Reading →

Christmas Coping

I Decided to finally leave my home and travel for the holidays, if I have talked to any of you, you know that I do not like to leave my village. I just feel like its home and traveling on public transport from my village is unreliable and me and the heat don’t always get... Continue Reading →

I hate to admit it but….

I hate to admit it but…. the only reason I am writing this blog post is because I have diarrhea and am stuck in one place for a while. “Ma’am you are late and you will not be boarding this plane, the flight is full”, these were the words of a lady that worked at... Continue Reading →

23 Days in Botswana

I waited patiently to meet my host family, names were called and people were running to greet each other full of excitement and I was becoming anxious. Who would become my family and where would I stay during pre-service training were questions that ran through my mind. My name was called and my host families... Continue Reading →

Off to the Peace Corps I go……

Think of a mansion with 25 rooms and you own this mansion, but you only have access to ten of the rooms. The other rooms are locked and you don’t have a key. This is how I felt, like there was more I should and could be doing. Then, an opportunity presented itself to me. It... Continue Reading →

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