23 Days in Botswana

I waited patiently to meet my host family, names were called and people were running to greet each other full of excitement and I was becoming anxious. Who would become my family and where would I stay during pre-service training were questions that ran through my mind. My name was called and my host families... Continue Reading →


Off to the Peace Corps I go……

Think of a mansion with 25 rooms and you own this mansion, but you only have access to ten of the rooms. The other rooms are locked and you don’t have a key. This is how I felt, like there was more I should and could be doing. Then, an opportunity presented itself to me. It... Continue Reading →

A year older #24

So I am another year older as of July 4th. I don't have some super exciting story about a birthday trip because I didn't take one. This year I stayed home and spent time with my family since this will be my last birthday with them and in the states for awhile. I went to... Continue Reading →

The Apple of his Eye

The other day during my quiet time, I laid in his presence in tears, because lately I've been struggling with feeling loved & valued. I have recently been lacking Godly confidence & I had to ask him to increase my faith to believe that I am all that he says I am. I told him to take... Continue Reading →

It’s Ya Birthday!

If you are reading this it may be July 4th, my BIRTHDAY! It may be long after July 4th, either way I wanted to write to share with you all the excitement and vision that I have as I enter this new year of life! Today my facebook friends will remind me that I matter,... Continue Reading →

A year later…..

My Birthday is 3 days away (July 4th), as I prepare to turn a year older I couldn't help but think about where I was this time last year. I was at a place where I wasn't quite sure what it was I liked, not like what's my favorite color. More so what do I... Continue Reading →

Inadequate & Unqualified

Hey, I just got back from Timberwolf camp in Lake City, MI with 23 young people and 5 leaders. When I say that I am tired.....I am worn out! I want to share with you all my experience before I take another nap. I have been volunteering at North Tulsa Young Life for about 6... Continue Reading →

The Wait

I just wanted to share with you all where I am right now & what I have been up to. In this season I am in right now, I have been waiting. Waiting on God to tell me what to do next. Waiting on that opportunity. Just waiting. During this season of waiting I have... Continue Reading →

Can’t plead the 5th

I stumbled across a talented young man named Bertrick Bailey and he has a song titled "Can't Plead the 5th". I have probably listened to this song about 30 times within the past 10 hours. To plead the 5th means to withhold your testimony on the grounds that you might incriminate yourself. The 5th amendment... Continue Reading →

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